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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 6 - Scotland!

Photo (above) and report from Brian at the end of Day 6 - Penrith to Glasgow:

"A very good day today. 104 miles. Best time. Big group riding together. Did not rain - a miracle! It is cold and very, very windy. I wear 4 layers, and it's not enough. Feet very cold. Bottom is ok; that too is a miracle. Hills not too steep today. Biggest challenge is tomorrow. Lots of climbing and 127 miles. A very long day."

Last night's base camp was in the beautiful Hutton in the Forest. Makes me think of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, etc.

When the riders go to bed, this is what the bicycles do.

627 miles completed. Only 342 more miles to go. Tomorrow Day 7 Glasgow to Fort William, a grueling ride ahead - longest (127 miles - are they crazy?) and the most number of feet of climbs (6,017 ft total climb).

Thanks for supporting Brian in this crazy endeavor. When he comes back, I am going to burn his passport!

Joo Hooi


  1. Glad to hear the bum is behaving! Enjoy yourself and savor every day. Soon it will be finished and you will be sorry it's over (I hope). I wish I could be there and do a climb or two for you, or with you.

  2. Brian. Just truly awesome! You have officially ridden across a whole country!

    So are you riding back down ;)?

    Go Brian, Go!

  3. Who's the old lady next to the Scotland sign? :)