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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 5 - A Big Mountain Conquered!

Day 5 - 104 Miles from Haydock to Penrith with a Big Mountain Finish

The day started rainy and cold. Here is a tweet from a rider:

"No two ways about it. It's wet. Plain wet. A day for sitting by a fire ..."

Here is the sun trying to shine through at Pit Stop 1:

Another picture at Pit Stop 2: 

At least one rider declared it inhumane and quit, “Conditions were very harsh with driving rain, not enjoyable so called it a day and came home.”

But not our Brian, no quitter he, although as we all would have said, "There is no shame in that!"
He went all the way, "Long day, cold rain, for 5 hours rode in city traffic. For 2 hours big mountain, then pedal broke. All good, to bed now."

He finished 104 miles and bought new pedals! What a guy. He should have brought another bike along with him considering all the new stuff he is having to buy.

If you are wondering what he means when he says "to bed", here is their little green village. Good night, Brian from all of us here on the other side of the big pond.

Brian has completed 527 miles out of 969 total miles, over half done. Tomorrow, Day 6 is 100 miles with 3,353 feet of total climb should be a relatively easy day before a real brute on Day 7.

Joo Hooi


  1. Welcome to"sunny" England is what the weather is saying! 527 miles, broken spokes, broken pedals and still going strong! Brian we are bursting with pride. Go Brian, Go!

  2. Oh, Brian ...amazing. That 'green village' makes things even more difficult ..I could imagine a great bed in a cozy inn ..but a tent!

    What a fantastic ride!

  3. You are doing great, Brian. Didn't I tell you things would be different once you got out of the heat of Florida? I bet you are wishing you had a little of that sun and warmth now. You are determined, keep it up!